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12 Mar 2013

Spanish media project to promote Natura 2000

By BirdLife Europe

SEO/BirdLife (BirdLife in Spain), in collaboration with the Spanish news agency EFE, recently launched a four year Life+ project "Activa Red Natura 2000" focusing on the Spanish Natura 2000 Network. The project will promote the importance of Spain’s natural heritage represented by the Natura 2000 Network.

This will include TV and radio shows, a celebratory European Natura 2000 Day, the launch of a website, social media platforms and interactive applications on social networks for young people. SEO/BirdLife’s role will be to provide information about Spanish nature protected areas, while EFE, the Spanish news agency collects and makes the news available for all Spanish newspapers. “This project is a great opportunity to give value to our real wealth: our unique wildlife. With this project we will make the Natura 2000 famous!" said Asunción Ruiz, Executive Director of SEO/BirdLife.

The overall objective of the project is to raise people’s awareness and influence, and make those with the power to do so, increase the network of protected areas in Spain and improve its conservation status. In January, European and Spanish national and local decision makers, the media, representatives of agricultural, hunting and business sectors, and representatives of the civil society participated in the launch of the project. SEO/BirdLife hopes that this craze will last and create the synergies necessary to change people’s minds while bringing effective improvements on the ground. The project is co-financed by the European Commission, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Biodiversity Foundation, Red Eléctrica, and the autonomous governments of Andalucía, Castilla y León, Basque Country, Navarra, Balearic Islands, Castilla-La Mancha, Madrid and Cantabria. For more information please visit or contact Beatriz Sánchez, Project Coordinator at SEO/BirdLife (BirdLife in Spain).

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