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12 May 2014

A simple gesture to preserve Europe’s richest nature sites – contribute now!

By Communications

On 21 May, the EU will celebrate the Natura 2000 Day for the 2nd year. Natura 2000 is the network of Europe’s richest nature sites, more than 26,000 remarkable places forming a total area of almost one million square kilometres.

A communication campaign led by SEO/BirdLife (BirdLife in Spain) and involving 17 BirdLife Partners aims to inform people about these sites and the threats to them: degradation, destruction and disturbance of the wildlife they are home to.

Within the campaign, all citizens are invited to upload a picture of themselves making the “butterfly gesture” with their hands on the campaign website to demonstrate their support to the Natura 2000 network and to nature protection in general. If the picture is published on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, tag it with #Natura2000Day!

To thank you for your gestures BirdLife Partners will run a conservation action in a Natura 2000 site every year.

This year, two conservation activities will be implemented in Doñana in Spain, one of the most important sites of the Natura 2000 network in Europe. For each photo published, we will restore 25m2 of “La Rocina”, the stream that represents the main water inflow of the Rocío marshes, and we will clear 16 grams of lead shotgun pellets from Doñana’s sandy soils- enough to poison and kill 25 geese.

The campaign is one key activity of the project Life+ Natura 2000: connecting People with biodiversity, launched by the Spanish organisations SEO/BirdLife and the news agency EFE last year. It calls for society to take action to become informed about ,and involved in, the conservation of the Natura 2000 network.

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For more information visit the Natura 2000 day website: or contact Beatriz Sánchez, SEO/BirdLife Coordinator of the Life+ Project ‘Activa Red Natura’.

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