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30 May 2014

Rules, business and the environment: CEMEX and BirdLife jointly endorse EU Nature Directives

By Communications

On May 27, in the presence of EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik, BirdLife Europe and CEMEX  issued a joint statement wholeheartedly supporting the European Union’s Nature Conservation Policy.

The joint statement emphasises that the EU’s solid legal frameworks for nature conservation, starting from its Birds and Habitats Directives, are good for both the planet and for business. Among other highlights, the statement:

• Recognises the importance of EU nature legislation in establishing a continent-wide level playing field, as well as in helping companies improve their environmental performance.

• Acknowledges the positive role that leading businesses can play in the preservation and management of Natura 2000 sites and the conservation of biodiversity.

• Calls for strengthening strategic land planning, public consultation procedures, and requests the EU and its member states to enact sweeping public procurement policies.

In his opening remarks EU Environment Commissioner Potočnik stressed that: “Effective protection and management of Natura 2000 areas is key for halting and reversing biodiversity loss in the EU. This can only be done with the active engagement not only of conservationists but also of people and businesses present on the areas. I warmly welcome the joint statement and partnership of CEMEX and BirdLife on the EU Nature directives and Natura 2000 as an excellent example that economic growth can go hand-in-hand with the need to protect and restore our valuable natural heritage.”

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Ignacio Madridejos, President of CEMEX Northern Europe added: “Enlightened regulation drives industry innovation, and innovation drives everything at CEMEX. CEMEX’s global partnership with BirdLife enhances our ability to effectively and sensitively manage biodiversity, while proactively responding to regulatory needs through our relationships with BirdLife’s network of international Partners.”

The ceremony ended with the closing remarks of Angelo Caserta, BirdLife Regional Director: “The EU provides world-class legislation for the protection of biodiversity. It offers what nature and industry need: a long-term perspective, clear rules that are respected by all, and science-driven implementation. Today’s statement is a significant milestone for the global partnership between CEMEX and BirdLife International, adding an important policy dimension to the extensive work carried out on the ground.”

“Begun in 2007, this cooperative partnership improves the sustainability of CEMEX’s operations, with a particular focus on safeguarding and enhancing biodiversity.  CEMEX and BirdLife are now implementing Biodiversity Action Plans at high priority sites in six different countries with more projects in the pipeline”, concluded Karl Watson, Jr., President CEMEX USA.


Read or download the joint statement by BirdLife Europe and CEMEX: Keeping the impacts of using natural resources well within safe ecological limits

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