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8 May 2014

Portuguese Priolo Brand promoting sustainable tourism joined by new committed companies

By Communications

Lands of Priolo comprise the only territory where the rare Azores Bullfinch exists, in the eastern councils of São Miguel Island in Azores (Portugal). In 2012 this area was awarded with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST) and since then it has engaged all local stakeholders to promote sustainable tourism and conservation in the area.

The Priolo (the local name for the Azores Bullfinch) Brand aims to be a symbol used by tourism sectors that are willing to establish a partnership with the ECST and the Island’s Nature Park of São Miguel, by promoting environmental, social and economic outcomes. This brand has been a result of the LIFE+ Sustainable Laurel Forest project led by SPEA, BirdLife Partner in Portugal, together with the Regional Government of the Azores.

At the annual Forum of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism for the Lands of Priolo, 23 companies signed the agreement to join the Priolo Brand and the ECST, highlighting the growing number of companies that are committed to the conservation of nature and the promotion of sustainable tourism.

The developments of more than 50 actions that have been included in a comprehensive action plan for the Sustainable Development of Tourism in the Lands of Priolo (2012 -2016) showed that half of them are on good track and many others already started. The implementation and restoration of the network of hiking trails, the new LIFE+ Lands of Priolo project, the celebration of Nordeste’s 500 years and the Geopark passport project show how attractive this destination is for traveling.

To know more about Priolo brand and ECST Lands of Priolo visit the ECST Lands of Priolo website.

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