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13 Jun 2012

New publication: The Birds in Sweden - numbers and distribution

By BirdLife Europe

This new book produced by the Swedish Ornithological Society (SOS - BirdLife Partner)  provides information on the 251 bird species breeding in Sweden, including population estimates at national and regional scales. It is the first time that bird population estimations for each of the 21 Swedish counties and 29 provinces have been published.

At the end of each page, you will find a summary in English outlining the main information on different bird species, and data on distribution, breeding habitat and population changes in the last 10 and 30 years. Also for the first time, you will see high-resolution maps showing the relative density of most species breeding in the country.

This book will surely be of interest to ornithologists and conservation professionals as it provides new information, but also to the general public who can learn more about the most famous and discover new, less famous, Swedish birds.

You can order the book Fåglarna i Sverige - antal och förekomst (Ottosson & Ottvall red., 592 pages and 2.6 kg) from Naturbokhandeln (SOS's online shop) - here. For more information, please contact Dr Richard Ottvall, researcher at the Lund University (Sweden).

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