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2 Mar 2015

Nature Film Competition! Apply Online by 10th March

© István Lehoczky
By BirdLife Europe

The first International Nature Film Festival will be held this 14-17 May in Gödöllő, Hungary. This event, supported by BirdLife Hungary, will give nature film makers from around the world a chance to show their work and raise environmental awareness, especially for younger generations. It will also be a great opportunity for your work to become recognized at an international scale.

All films will be judged by an international jury and winning films will be shown during the four-day film festival 14-17 May.

Films can be entered under these categories:

  • Nature film

  • Fishing, hunting

  • Documentary

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    • life in the countryside

    • sustainable countryside

    • nature and environment protection

    • biodiversity

    • science and nature

  • Short film on the relationship between humans and nature

  • Animation on plants, animals, or the environment in general

  • Etude, experimental film (nature themed literature; impressions of nature, phenomenons of nature)

  • Wildlife-rich landscapes as a tourist destination

  • Life of the scouts (the world of jamborees, survival camps, traditional cultural activities)

  • Animal actors (films where the main character is an animal)

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