Europe and Central Asia
28 Feb 2011

NABU supports demonstrations against the current Common Agricultural Policy

By BirdLife Europe

BirdLife’s German Partner NABU has begun to campaign against the current Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), pressing for a serious reform in which a general 'greening' of the policy should be properly prioritised. NABU supported a huge NGO demonstration (‘Wir Haben Es Satt’ – ‘We Have Had Enough’) that took place on 22 January 2011 in Berlin, protesting against factory farming, industrial agriculture and genetically modified food. Despite cold weather, 22,000 people gathered to send a clear message to the German and EU governments that agriculture should be environmentally friendly and in line with environmental legislation like the Birds and Habitats Directives. The German government, as well as the EU, still support farming practices which pollute water, destroy the biodiversity we have left, contribute to climate change and deplete soil. The demonstrations on 22 January coincided with a meeting of invited agro-chemical corporations and international agricultural ministers in Berlin. This demand for a change in agricultural policy also falls during a crucial period of CAP reform, which will determine the future direction of EU farming starting in 2014. NABU (BirdLife in Germany)

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