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15 Nov 2011

Music and Migration II : a musical appeal to stop illegal bird killing in Malta

By BirdLife

Second Language releases Music and Migration II in support of BirdLife Malta's campaign against illegal bird killing In November 2011, the music label Second Language released its second compilation album in the series ‘Music and Migration’ with exclusive songs by a group of international artists to raise awareness for the illegal hunting practices threatening migratory birds over the Maltese archipelago, located on one of the three main routes used by Europe’s breeding birds in their migrations to and from their African wintering grounds. "The Maltese islands are particularly important as way stations in the middle of the Mediterranean and the spring and autumnal migrations offer spectacular sights ; yet, rather than a haven for birds, Malta is a killing ground, with one of the highest densities of hunters and trappers in Europe, and probably in the world.", said Martin Holm, co-founder of Second Language. BirdLife International and its partner BirdLife Malta have been campaigning against illegalities for close to 50 years now. There are signs of change : the courts have started issuing more serious sentences and members of the public are becoming increasingly outspoken, and even active, against the illegal killing. However, continuous international support is key to ensuring that the Malta chapter is just one of a volume, and not the final chapter in the lives of many birds, which is why Music and Migration II, showcasing exclusive tracks from international artists, reaches out to the wider community to help BirdLife put an end to these illegalities and recognise the true value of what it means to be ‘free as a bird’. Dr. Marco Lambertini, Chief Executive of BirdLife International concludes, "BirdLife International is working hard to protect migratory birds and I appreciate very much the support Second Language shows by raising awareness through the Music & Migration series. By engaging with an audience through music, it is my hope that even more people will become aware and help BirdLife International in our continous work for migratory birds and an overall healthy environment for wildlife and people." Title : Music and Migration II Artists : Various Label : Second Language For more information on Music and Migration and to order your personal copy, please visit : For more info on BirdLife Malta please visit:

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