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19 Jan 2011

Help stop illegal hunting in Malta

By BirdLife.Malta

Illegal hunting is a widespread and serious problem in Malta, with poachers specifically targeting protected birds including raptors (birds of prey) and Herons as well as rarer visitors to the islands. This persecution reaches its peak during migration periods, when large numbers of raptors, herons and other protected species are killed by poachers.To counter these illegalities BirdLife Malta (BirdLife Partner) will this year be running Spring Watch conservation camp between the 10th and 24th April. The camp will monitor bird migration, maintain a strong presence in the countryside to deter the illegal killing and trapping of wild birds, and report illegalities to the police. BirdLife Malta is calling for volunteers to help save migrating birds by joining Spring Watch 2011. Read more about Spring Watch 2011 on BirdLife Malta's website here, or on BirdLife Malta's Facebook page here.

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