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17 Jan 2013

Help end overfishing in Europe by painting a fish online and making your voice heard

By BirdLife Europe

BirdLife Europe encourages you to paint a fish online and send it to your MEPs with a message to halt overfishing in Europe. Help out by sending your personal fish drawing and by spreading the word! The paint a Fish Campaign launched by the New Economics Foundation aims to restore EU fish stocks for future generations by influencing EU decision-makers, particularly MEPs, in the vote on the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) reform this spring.

The decades long overfishing in Europe is causing a collapse in our fish stocks as well as destruction of marine ecosystems that are crucial to our health, food security, environment and economy. Today, over 75% of the fish stocks are overfished in European waters – and the current European Union legislation (Common Fisheries Policy) has allowed them to be pushed to the edge of bankruptcy. The EU fishing fleet also has a strong impact on fish stocks and the marine environment in third world countries. Due to declining catches in EU waters and high demand for fish products, the EU fleet has moved to new fishing grounds.

Today there is a chance to rethink and redesign this legislation in a more sustainable way! Therefore this is the time to act and remind MEPs of the importance of the recovery of fish stocks and to urge them to vote for sustainable fisheries for the future rather than stay in the current status quo. BirdLife Europe together with other European NGOs, including Oceana, WWF, Ocean2012 and Greenpeace are calling for a reform to put a halt to the senseless overfishing. That is why we ask supporters across Europe to join our call for a sustainable EU law for fisheries respectful of the environment and that puts an end to wasteful overfishing and guaranteeing the protection of marine biodiversity and ecosystems. So bring out your inner artist and paint a fish. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just enough brush strokes to save our fish stocks. Paint a fish postal1 EN The European Parliament plenary vote takes place on 5 and 6 February 2013. Make your voice heard now!  

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