Europe and Central Asia
13 May 2020

A family of Danish White-Tailed Sea Eagles invites you to its nest

By Jeremy Herry

Imagine: swooping down from the sky, fresh fish between its talons, a White-Tailed Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) lands in its nest to feed its hungry young chicks. And you’re there to see it all, in real time - from the comfort of your own home. Our Danish partner, DOF, has made this a reality.

Welcome to DOF’s “ØrneTV”: a live, high-quality webcam giving you a peek into the lives of a family of four white-tailed eagles, two chicks and their young parents, in their nest on top of a tree in the middle of a Danish forest.

“In the case of the White-Tailed Sea Eagle in Denmark, this is unprecedented”, says Kim Skelmose, an eagle expert and leader of Project Eagle in Denmark. “It gives a unique view into the interactions between the chicks and the parents. How they eat, fight, and grow. It is incredible.”

You can watch these magnificent creatures as they transform from egg to eagle, eat, sleep, make their first steps and flap their wings in their wooden open-air mansion. Watch Mum and Dad do some DIY repairs around the nest, prepare dinner, groom their plumage, and look out for predators. You can tune in to ØrneTV at any time of the day or night, and follow the countdown until the nestlings finally take flight for the very first time.

Another fantastic thing about ØrneTV is the sound: you can hear everything! The sounds of the surrounding nature, the wind in the trees, the chicks asking for food, other birds in the neighbourhood, and even a fly buzzing by; blissfully unaware that it’s passing through the nest of one of the most powerful and iconic creatures of the animal kingdom.

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