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16 Apr 2013

Ecological connectivity: what you do in your garden affects your neighbourhood


A new LIFE + project run by LIPU (BirdLife in Italy) aims to raise citizens and authorities awareness on the importance of biodiversity by protecting an important nature area in Italy and communicating around nature. Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth and humanity, fauna and flora all depend on each other in a complex ecosystem to survive. But this system is in deep trouble and man is the main cause: we are damaging our environment at an alarming rate, threatening our own existence.

The LIFE TIB project encourages the development of a culture that acknowledges the intrinsic value of natural capital and recognises that nature provides crucial services to the community. Projects partners also aim, by showing examples, to make people realise that wildlife is interconnected, which means that what happens in surrounding areas also has an impact on us.

Through the project, LIPU staff and their partners, will run conservation activities to mitigate biodiversity loss in an important nature area in the Italian Lombardy region. The area in question is a portion of the main ecological corridor traversing the Po Plain. It is an element of primary importance for the Natura 2000 network, which extends to the Alpine and Continental bioregions.

A large range of communication activities promoting the nature richness of the area and the work done to protect it will be developed, including brochures, posters, panels, a website, school programmes and videos, including an interesting video documentary - watch the trailer.

Also the conservation results will demonstrate the importance of nature conservation to an interconnected life on earth.

The project will end in December 2015. Project partners include LIPU, the Province of Varese, the Lombardy Region and Fondazione Cariplo. The two natural parks and the 35 municipalities of the Varese province, which territories are affected by the project, are also participating.

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For more information please visit the LIFE TIB project website.

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