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8 Aug 2011

Climate Change: from talk to action

By BirdLife Europe

Concern for the natural world is a relevant part of the climate change debate which is often sidelined, but Scotland’s climate change legislation has the power to ensure that we avoid climate action which is unsustainable and causes unnecessary damage to the natural environment.   The Scottish Climate Change Act was passed in 2009 and is currently the strongest climate change legislation anywhere in the world.  The strength of the Act can be partly attributed to the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition (SCCS), within which RSPB Scotland is a key player.   SCCS is the largest and most powerful civil society coalition in Scotland, made up of organisations ranging from community and faith groups, environment and development organisations, and students and trade unions.  Part of our success has come from working together across such a diverse range of organisations under the common goal: to stop climate chaos.  SCCS saw most of its top asks delivered in the Scottish Climate Change Act, and for RSPB Scotland this legislation was a great success.  We led in arguing for a sustainable approach to climate change, and secured an overarching sustainability duty regarding all action under the Bill, which will be vital in ensuring that climate change solutions are found which do not cause environmental harm. We also secured firm adaptation measures, and successfully championed a requirement for the Government to produce a sustainable land use strategy with obligations towards meeting climate change objectives. Legislation was only the first step in galvanising action and we are continuing to work with SCCS to ensure that the Act is implemented swiftly and sustainably.  Scotland's greenhouse gas emissions are a small percentage of global emissions so we cannot tackle this problem alone.  We want to encourage and support civil society groups in other countries to work together to create momentum for urgent action on climate change, and have produced a short film about the role of SCCS in influencing the Scottish Climate Change Act.  Watch our short video to find out more: SCCS Climate Change Act film For more information contact .

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