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22 Jun 2010

BirdLife fears new nuclear plant endangers Finnish birds

By BirdLife.SUOMI-...

A new nuclear energy power station must not be built in the Pyhäjoki region in Finland's northern Ostrobothnia because of the rich bird population in the area, according a statement by BirdLife Suomi (BirdLife in Finland) on Friday. According to BirdLife, the area has a diverse population of birds and is part of an important migratory path for large birds, which would suffer from the construction of a nuclear power plant. BirdLife is also concerned about the local nature and feels that plans to build the new power station neglect the importance of wildlife. The government has presented a new nuclear power station construction permit to Finnish utility Fennovoima, but the company has yet to decide whether to build the station in Pyhäjoki or Simo, in northern Finland.

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