Europe and Central Asia
25 Jan 2011

BirdLife Europe highlights its hopes for the Hungarian EU Presidency

By BirdLife Europe

With the bi-annual release of Greening Europe, Birdlife Europe publishes its EU policy priorities for the current Presidency of the EU. Five key focuses are described in this edition, outlining the five relevant and necessary changes sought during the Hungarian EU Presidency. Six months from now, evaluation will take place as to whether the opportunities Greening Europe describes have been capitalised upon.

Failing to meet its 2010 target of halting the decline of biodiversity, the EU has renewed its commitment to this goal for 2020. If we believe, as we should, that this goal is possible, we need to act now and take advantage of every opportunity to move closer to it. The Hungarian EU Presidency presents no ordinary opportunity. During its term, EU policies with the greatest environmental impact including agriculture (Common Agricultural Policy) and fisheries (Common Fisheries Policy) are up for reform, together with the EU budget.

A reform of the EU budget presents a fork in the road to leave wasteful subsidies behind, moving towards targeted investments in a sustainable future. During this term, BirdLife Europe also urges a newly ambitious EU Biodiversity Strategy that includes tools to implement power-lacking current nature legislation. A fourth focus is on an initiative to address bird mortality caused by power lines, and a fifth addresses the concerning indirect land use changes caused by ‘biofuels’. A PDF version of the newest Greening Europe is available for download here.

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