Europe and Central Asia
18 May 2012

BirdLife Europe’s main achievements in 2011 celebrated in its Annual Report

By BirdLife Europe

Through the Annual report 2011, you will hear about the European and Central Asian Partnership’s main achievements and successes in Conservation, Science, Policy and visibility in 2011. For example, you will see that thanks to the intensive work of the BirdLife European and Central Asian Partners and their volunteers, and thanks to the support of committed donors, bird species such as Aquatic Warbler and Zino’s Petrel are facing a brighter future.

Also, in 2011, new protected areas were designated. In Spain 41 sites were recognised as Marine IBAs, constituting the first national network of IBAs in Europe.

This year, as well, BirdLife Partners organised international high-level expert conferences to discuss conservation issues such as illegal killing of Birds in Larnaca (Cyprus), where the results were officially endorsed by the Bern Convention and the Convention of Migratory Species.

Also a conference on Bird Safety and Powerlines in Budapest (Hungary),  where expert scientists and conservationists made the Budapest Declaration which lists priority actions to be implemented by all European countries, energy industry and bird conservation organisations.

You will read how we influenced the main European Policies (Biodiversity, Agriculture, Fisheries, Climate, and EU Budget negotiations) to ensure a better protection of the environment and the biodiversity in Europe and a more sustainable EU action.

Finally, you will know more about BirdLife European and Central Asian Partners’ on-going campaigns such as Spring Alive or EurobirdWatch, becoming more and more successful.

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In 2011, both campaigns recorded their highest level of participation: Spring Alive saw 127.250 online registrations from citizens from over 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa while Eurobirdwatch events welcomed over 80.000 birdwatchers in 37 European and Central Asian countries.

Read and download BirdLife Europe Annual report 2011 here. A lot still needs to be done to create a general consensus that biodiversity and healthy ecosystems are a necessity for a sustainable future. The BirdLife European and Central Asian Partners, with the support of their members and volunteers will continue their fight, face the incoming challenges and opportunities and work at reaching these objectives.

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