Europe and Central Asia
30 Mar 2018

The Bird Bulletin: Europe & Central Asia

By Gui-Xi Young

The Bird Bulletin – bringing you beak-sized updates from across Europe & Central Asia and beyond.


And the nominees for the Natura 2000 Awards are… Award season may be over in Hollywood, but here in Europe it’s just getting started. The nominees for the ‘Oscars’ of European nature conservation – the EU’s ‘Natura 2000 Awards’ – have just been announced.

VOTES FOR NATURE – of the 25 projects shortlisted for the coveted European Citizens Award – voted by the public – 8 projects involved the work of our BirdLife partners in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Spain and the UK.

Public voting is open until 22 April and the winner will be announced on 17 May.

The rock stars of Rockabill Island – BirdWatch Ireland have pulled off a real star tern with their remarkably successful Roseate Tern project on Rockabill. This small island off the coast of Dublin is the most important breeding site of the Roseate Tern in all of Europe and population numbers have skyrocketed from just 152 pairs to 1,597!

Of geese and men – on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, at two lake sites sheltering up to 90% of the globally vulnerable Red-breasted goose, BSPB has shown how nature conservation and farming can coexist peacefully and prosperously.

Saving the sacred bird – three of our partners, BSPB (Bulgaria), HOS (Greece) & RSPB (UK), have been recognised for their joint conservation efforts to protect the magnificent Egyptian vulture on its perilous migratory journey across three continents

Nature knows no borders – on the Czech-Polish border, CSO (Czech Republic) has been cooperating with their neighbours to better protect the wildlife of the Krkonoše Mountains, with its special mosaic of tundra, forest and meadows and unique mixture of arctic/alpine and mountain/lowland species.

Seabirds over Scotland – RSPB (UK) has been working hard to recover the tiny Shiant Isles, off the coast of northwest Scotland from the rat invasion threatening the islands’ status as an important breeding habitat for thousands of seabirds, including puffins, razorbills, guillemots, shags and kittiwakes.

Closer to nature – With almost 5 million viewers tuning in to their spectacular nature documentary series on Natura 2000 (the world’s largest network of protected sites), SEO/BirdLife (Spain) has played an extraordinary role in helping Spanish people to connect with nature.

The salt of life – BSPB has also been working with the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation to communicate to the public the importance of the Atanasovsko Lake Salt-works, a flourishing coastal wetland hosting rare coastal lagoons and over half of all European birds.

Imperial assault – MME (Hungary) is leading the fight to protect the Eastern imperial eagle from the threat of illegal poisoning in 20 Natura 2000 sites and surrounding habitats around Hungary, home to two thirds of the EU population.

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That’s all for today’s Bird Bulletin – tune in next week for more cheeps, chirps and chatter.

Bye-bye birdies!


Gui-Xi Young - Editor and Campaigns Officer, BirdLife Europe & Central Asia



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