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5 Feb 2014

Biodiversity and habitat restoration show promising results in Lengfurt, Germany

Photo: Hartwig Brönner
By Communication Europe

The LBV (Bavarian partner of NABU), working in partnership with HeidelbergCement, has spent the past year monitoring and mapping birds and other target species in HeidelbergCement quarry sites. On the 14th of January they revealed the first results of their work in Lengfurt which provided a promising outlook for the future of the research and the restoration of ecological networks.

In 2013 BirdLife Europe initiated together with LBV a field study in and around the already rehabilitated quarry to evaluate the target species and habitats in order to draft a long term biodiversity management concept. The results are quite impressive. In and around the already rehabilitated quarry a total of 61 bird species, 47 butterfly species and 187 plant species were counted in the first survey. Based on these results and on the mappings that will take place in 2014, a long-term biodiversity management scheme will be proposed by LBV to be integrated by the cement plant in its on-going mining activities and future restoration plans which HeidelbergCement will implement.

Plant management has also been developing their outreach program in the local community and region. In 2013 a relationship was started with a “nature-focused” kindergarten which led to the creation of a fruit orchard complete with a wagon to teach and host the young kids. The kindergarten has already started activities and will continue their field trips in 2014.

Public tours have also been a successful feature of the partnership and have come to be anticipated events within the community. Already on the calendar for 2014 is a public quarry excursion in May and an informational event in November.

“I am very happy with the project”, said Michael Cypra, Lengfurt Plant Manager. “This is the starting point for a long-term partnership with LBV. The biodiversity management plan will also be integrated in the on-going mining activities and will help us steer future rehabilitation. By harmonising nature protection action in and around the mining sites, the cement plant will be a valuable partner for the nature protection in the whole of Bavaria.”

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