Europe and Central Asia
27 Sep 2018

Autumn is here!

By Christopher Sands

In the editorial of our latest monthly newsletter, BirdLife Europe & Central Asia calls on nature lovers from the Atlantic to the Adriatic to protect the migratory bird paradise of Ulcinj Salina, Montenegro. 

Autumn is here! We are all back from our summers hopefully rested and ready for the challenges and battles ahead. This newsletter features a couple of the issues we are energetically engaged in and following closely.

On our cover is the magnificent Ulcinj Salina in southern Montenegro. Formerly, a productive salt works for the local community since 1935, it has also been a critical stopover for migratory birds making their bi-annual journeys north and south. However, since salt production was abruptly ended here in 2013, the salina site has been embroiled in a sorry saga of business intrigue and political machinations, putting this priceless site in peril of becoming a paved-over luxury tourist resort.

With Montenegro looking to join the European Union – and with migratory birds embarking on their epic autumn journey – this is a particularly opportune time to speak up through the #SaveSalina campaign to protect the bird paradise of Ulcinj Salina. Please sign the petition today!

Each of us, through the seemingly simple act of clicking ‘SIGN NOW’, has the truly wonderful ability to turn our name into something powerful. Our voices do matter and can make a difference. We saw this with our fantastic #NatureAlert victory, where half a million Europeans rallied together to save the EU nature laws. And in this very newsletter, we have some inspiring examples of conservation success – the little Roseate tern is on the road to recovery thanks to a fantastic collaboration between our British and Irish partners, RSPB and BirdWatch Ireland. We also celebrate the successful conclusion of one of BirdLife International’s most ambitious project’s to date, LIFE EuroSAP, which has brought much-needed new hope to sixteen iconic European bird species, including the Bearded vulture and the Turtle-dove.

Ulcinj Salina, Montenegro

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