Europe and Central Asia
20 May 2011

Aren’t Birds Brilliant? BirdLife Europe celebrates Day of Biodiversity

By BirdLife Europe

On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Biological Diversity on Sunday 22 May, BirdLife Europe celebrates the beauty of nature by showing it to the wider public through the event ‘Aren’t Birds Brilliant’. Aren’t Birds Brilliant (ABB) is a fantastic BirdLife initiative which keeps the European public’s interest in birds growing through a series of interactive events in public spaces. Currently, more than ten BirdLife Partners across Europe are organising these birdwatching events in public places to promote and create awareness for the work they do with people who might otherwise never come in contact with them. In all the participating countries, BirdLife Partners set up stands in green city spaces, urban areas or nature reserves where people pass by. Nature is all around us: it is just a mater of opening our eyes and taking it in! By making use of the telescopes and binoculars at the stands, of which a large majority has been generously lent by Swarovski Optik, the BirdLife Partners help citizens and other future or existing nature lovers to re-connect with nature and discover the work of BirdLife. Come and join us in celebrating the wonder of biodiversity on Sunday 22 May. You can find us in Brussels at the Parc Royal, where Natagora and Natuurpunt will be showing birds in the breeding season. More celebrations can be found in our Partner countries, amongst which Hungary and Portugal, where our Partner SPEA organises the ABB ‘De olho nas aves’ at Cabo Carvoeiro in Penich ( or enjoy the display of the Cormorants at the ABB organised by our Danish Partner DOF ‘Skarverne på Fugleøen’ in Østerbro, Copenhagen (from 10 till 14 o’clock). In Norway you can take hourly birdsong-trips with our Partner NOF in Sognsvann (Oslo) and in Austria, families can enjoy watching a Grey heron colony in the Floridsdorfer Wasserpark in Vienna, weather permitting!   Aren’t Birds Brilliant events takes place throughout the year.

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