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Working in partnership together HeidelbergCement and BirdLife are continually breaking new ground for the conservation of biodiversity. Please click below to read about monthly highlights from the partnership, events like the Quarry Life Awards, and biodiversity topics related to the extraction industry.
Nature laws, farming, food and invasive alien species: vital grounds to engage businesses in 2016 News 12 January 2016
Corporations and conservationists can speak a common language.
Digging deep to find biodiversity News 15 December 2015
Ecological restoration of quarries is providing new habitat for numerous plant and animal species.
Venturing into new territory, Africa and Asia News 1 July 2015
Newly industrialized nations are catching-up to ‘western’ standards: more money, more cars, more everything. With it comes a growing demand for cement and building materials, so BirdLife / HeidelbergCement have ventured into new partnership grounds...
Czech Society for Ornithology and Ceskomoravsky Gravel sign partnership agreement News 26 March 2012
On Friday 16 March, the Czech Society for Ornithology (CSO), BirdLife Partner in the Czech Republic, and Ceskomoravsky sterk, member of the HeidelbergCement Group, signed an agreement pinning down their long-term commitment to the conservation of nature.
BirdLife Europe continues to strengthen ties between business and biodiversity News 6 October 2011
BirdLife Europe, in collaboration with BirdLife Partners organised a lunch debate on the topic 'Business for Biodiversity, Sustainable solutions for a changing world'.
BirdLife International and HeidelbergCement launch biodiversity partnership in Europe News 5 October 2011
BirdLife International and HeidelbergCement, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of building materials, launched a biodiversity partnership.
BirdLife International and HeidelbergCement become co-operation partners – jointly preserving biological diversity News 19 September 2011
BirdLife International and HeidelbergCement have signed a co-operation agreement to further improve the protection of biodiversity at quarrying sites.

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