Europe and Central Asia


"All for One, One for All", the famous motto of Alexandre Dumas’ rip-roaring masterpiece ‘The Three Musketeers’ (1844), was one we happily adapted for our brightest moment of 2016, and one of our greatest victories in decades – the safeguarding of the EU’s signature nature laws, the Birds & Habitats Directives. 


"All for nature, nature for all" perfectly captures the essence of BirdLife, this wonderful, diverse, eclectic and loyal band of 48 devoted national partners here in Europe and Central Asia – and a further 75 partners around the globe – who join forces daily in the valiant defence of nature conservation, in our back yards and across oceans and continents.


You can download the low resolution PDF of our 2016 Highlights here or read it in all it's digital glory below. We recommend clicking on "click to read" in the center of the thumbnail to view the publication in full-screen mode.