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Healthy food and healthy rural environment


Over the 2014 – 2019 period MEPs will have a crucial role to play in overseeing implementation of the CAP, and ensuring that agriculture delivers public goods in return for public money. “Smart regulation” through the Nitrates Directive, Water Framework Directive, EIA Directive, Birds Directive, Habitats Directive and CAP payments for High Nature Value Farming (HNV) will be vital to ensuring that agriculture does not compromise the achievement of other EU policy objectives in the fields of environmental quality and nature protection. Throughout this period the CAP needs to show it actually delivers public goods for the billions of Euros of taxpayers’ money that are committed to this policy. If the result is negative, this will heavily influence the tone of the discussion on the next CAP reform post 2020.

MEPs Should

  • Oversee implementation of the new CAP and ensure that agriculture delivers public goods for public money
  • Support “smarter regulation” to ensure protection of the environment and ecosystem services
  • Ensure the EU’s local and global footprint stays within sustainable and healthy limits
  • Make the price of farm products and farm inputs reflect both environmental harm and environmental benefits.
  • Make sure that the agriculture sector is part of the new green economy which helps to mitigate and adapt to climate change and contribute to all the environmental goals in society.