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    Every year over eight million seabirds from 26 species, such as puffins and terns, come to the shores of the British Isles to breed, often in spectacular colonies. 
    The UK and Ireland support the majority of the world's breeding populations of a number of seabirds, including 90% of the world's Manx shearwaters and 68% of the world's northern gannets, many on RSPB reserves.
    The RSPB is the largest nature conservation charity in Europe and works to conserve and protect seabirds and their marine ecosystems both in the UK and overseas


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    Marine Protected Areas


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    The fortunes of today's seabirds are tied up with fisheries more than any other human activity. Fishing has been identified as the most widespread agent of change in global marine biodiversity.

    Read more about RSPB's work on Fisheries. 


    Having led the call for new UK laws to protect the marine environment we are now focused on the establishment of an effective network of protected areas that is well managed and enforced

    RSPB participates in the conservation and management of marine areas in EnglandScotlandWales, and Northern Ireland.


    Seabird tracking


    Roseate Terns © RSPB/Chris Gomersall


    The RSPB now has the biggest programme of seabird tracking in Europe after years of engaging in data collection, scientific analysis and releasing publications. This work is revolutionising our knowledge of where and how far seabirds travel at sea.


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