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    LPO/BirdLife France marine programme

    France's Exclusive Economic Zone is the world's second largest after the United States.

    La Ligue des Protection des Oiseaux (LPO)'s marine work focuses mainly on the coastline of mainland France, while also collaborating and supporting its local partners in French overseas territories and outermost regions.



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    LPO's Marine Projects


    The Stranded Birds Monitoring Network

    Stranded Puffin in Aquitaine region this past winter © LPO Aquitaine


    Future of the Atlantic Marine Environment Project

    Northern Gannet © David Gremillet/LPO


    At the beginning of 2014, more than 50 000 seabirds were found stranded on the European coast in just a few weeks. LPO's coastal network of local associations, under the framework of LPO's Birds in Distress Programme rescued, rehabilitated and released the stranded seabirds.


    The international project Future of the Marine Atlantic Environment collected data on seabirds living in French marine protected areas and encouraged work with renewable energy companies.


    Marine protected areas

    Sept-îles marine reserve © LPO


    Working with renewable energy companies

    Offshore wind farms © Josh Rogan


    LPO manages several marine reserves and one of the most important is the Sept-îles marine protected area, which hosts the only metropolitan colonies of Gannet and Atlantic Puffin.

    An oil spill in 1980 caused the Puffin population to plummet from the initial 7000 to 200 breeding pairs and it has not recovered since, presumably from the lack of food resources. LPO coordinates an Atlantic Puffin diet survey where any contributor can join the project


    La Compagnie du Vent/GDF Suez, EDF Energies Nouvelles and Ailes Marines/IBERDROLA have chosen to support LPO's marine projects in order to provide a better integration of wind farms in the Atlantic marine environment.

      LPO also works to encourage these companies to participate in research and data collection, which will ensure wind farms are constructed in areas of minimal impact to biodiversity.

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