Europe and Central Asia

EU Green Deal 2020

Nature and our climate, two sides of the same coin, are in crisis. The science is unequivocal: we have a very small window in which to act if we are to save humanity and society from collapse. Over one million species, more than ever in history, are threatened with extinction. Seventy-five percent of all land and almost half of all marine and water ecosystems have now been seriously and negatively altered by humans. Scientists tell us we have just eleven years for a 50% chance to limit global warming to the hoped for maximum of 1.5C, which is rapidly becoming impossible.

The EU Green Deal offers an unprecedented attempt to address the ecological crisis in a fundamental and coordinated way, across all policies. 
But will it succeed?



At BirdLife Europe & Central Asia, our partners work in 47 different countries across the continent to conserve and enhance the protection of nature and birds. In Brussels we support their work and bring their powerful voices to bear on the European Union - its Commission, its Council, and its Parliament; and their policies.