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  • Conservation of Migratory Birds (CMB)

    NGO-government partnership for migratory bird conservation along the West African coast


    The project aims at strengthening networks to improve the knowledge and conservation status of migratory birds through research, monitoring and conservation action as well as trainings and exhange programmes in which local community groups are engaged.

    Partners: BirdLife International and Wetlands International

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  • Migratory Birds for People Initiative

    Project coordinated by Wetlands Link International, Wetlands International and Staatsbosbeheer which aims to develop an effective network of visitor centres across the East Atlantic flyway connecting people to birds and promoting the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats.

    Partners: Wetlands Link International, Wetlands International and Staatsbosbeheer. Natuurpunt (BirdLife in Belgium - Flanders) is participating in this project.

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  • Migratory Soaring Bird

    The project aims to integrate conservation management objectives into targeted public and private sectors in 11 countries along the Rift Valley / Red Sea flyway. Sectors include agriculture, energy, hunting, tourism and waste management.

    Partners: Association Djibouti Nature, The Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, Republic of Lebanon Ministry of Environment,The Sudanese Wildlife Society, Foundation for Endangered Wildlife and BirdLife Partners in Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

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  • Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative

    Migratory birds find lasting refuge along the East Atlantic Flyway from northern breeding areas to their key Wadden Sea stopover and to the African coastline, and inspire and connect people for future generations. The project partners have developed a WSFI Vision and Action Plan (2014-2020), which aims to serve as a guiding principle to strengthen cooperation across the flyway on the conservation, management and research of migratory birds that depend on the Wadden Sea.

    Partners: BirdLife in the Netherlands (VBN), Germany (NABU) and Denmark (DOF).

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  • Living on the Edge

    Improving migratory bird habitats and livelihoods in the Sahel

    The project aims to improve the living conditions in the West African Sahel communities and for migratory birds, by working with local people to achieve the restoration of the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources.

    Project led by Vogelbescherming Nederland (VBN; BirdLife in the Netherlands)

    Duration: 2011-2015

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  • Birds without Borders Project

    RSPB's 'Birds Without Borders' project will raise awareness of the need for BirdLife International partners to work together, to integrate conservation for long-distance migrants by developing initiatives that will protect, conserve, improve, restore and create habitats across the range of migratory birds.

    Partners: RSPB (BirdLife in the UK)

    Duration: 2014-2020

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  • Spring Alive

    The campaign aims to help European, Asian and African children, their families, friends and teachers, to understand, engage with, and take action for birds and nature. Their participation in Birdwatching events through Eurasia and Africa helps us track the arrival of common spring migrants: the Barn Swallow, Common Swift, Cuckoo, White Stork and Eurasian Bee-eater.

    Spring Alive is a BirdLife International campaign and involves BirdLife Partners in 51 countries. OTOP (BirdLife in Poland) coordinates the project.

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