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CAP greenwash 2.0 - Nature in peril as Europe faces another decade of biodiversity-killing intensive farming

Today the European Commission released their highly anticipated Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform proposal. The new plan does not guarantee any spending on biodiversity and grotesquely slashes funds ring-fenced for the environment across the board. BirdLife Europe has analysed the European Commission’s legal proposal for the post 2020 CAP in light of what would be needed to turn around the collapse of biodiversity and the wider environmental crisis across Europe. Our premise is that a better policy must provide funding to support farmers in conserving and restoring biodiversity, it must help farmers transition from current failed intensive model to an agro-ecological and socio-economically viable one, and it must address the consumption side.

Our overall conclusion is that the proposals do little to discourage intensive farming and to instead use CAP funds to payments for biodiversity, environmental public goods and sustainable farming practices. In fact, they risk driving further intensification through increased flexibility for Member States without this being complemented by sufficient safeguards or any real accountability for results.
Our preliminary analysis of the CAP Legislative Proposals provide a breakdown of the key articles relevant to the environmental performance of the CAP, grouped by key aspects of the future CAP architecture.
You can read it in full here