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BirdLife Press Release - 14 February 2019



ENVI Committee Sticks Feather in the CAP

Brussels, 14 February 2019


Today, the European Parliament’s Environmental Committee finally had their say in the European Commission’s proposal on the next Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) and stepped up to the challenge. This is the first time the Environmental Committee has weighed in on the Commission’s controversial CAP proposal, which as it stands now is a dramatic threat to nature and biodiversity in Europe.

A number of key biodiversity tests have thankfully been addressed.

The ENVI Committee (COMENVI) has voted to ring-fence a significant EUR 15 billion of the EU’s farm subsidies to support farmers in restoring nature. This represents a huge improvement on the Commission’s proposal.  It is indeed encouraging to see this solid financial commitment to a significant increase in essential spending to save nature and reform subsidized agriculture. The Parliament as a whole must endorse this approach.

Perverse subsidies have been partially addressed. COMENVI voted to make all subsidies conditional on increasing dedicated farm space protecting nature and water and regulating the use of pesticides, as well as excluding the very destructive subsidies which have enabled intensive livestock production in factory farms.

Ariel Brunner, Senior Policy Director, BirdLife Europe: With today’s vote, ENVI MEPs have put the EU’s money where its mouth is. Nature is dying at the hands of intensive farming. Farmers need support to save nature, themselves and all of us. Time for the intensive farm lobby to step out of the way and allow the rescue operation to start. Will the AGRI Committee follow this impressive vote for a green reform or continue to cravenly submit to industrial agriculture lobbyists?

Harriet Bradley, Agricultural Policy Officer, BirdLife Europe: Today Environment Committee has finally begun to stand up for the basic, even minimum, steps we need for nature and nature friendly farming. The spotlight is now on the Agricultural Committee to embrace these recommendations and lead the Parliament as a whole to finally take biodiversity seriously through fixing the devastating impact of the CAP.”




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