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Ban Veterinary Diclofenac Now! - Fatro Letter Template

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  • Please send an e-mail to FATRO asking them to stop commercializing veterinary diclofenac. Copy-paste the text below and send it to their Press Office.


    Subject:  Veterinary use of diclofenac
    To whom it may concern,
    BirdLife International and the Vulture Conservation Foundation are deeply concerned about the authorisation of diclofenac for veterinary use in Italy and Spain, and the threat it represents to vultures in Europe, and ultimately at other world regions, as this situation creates a grave precedent. 
    Diclofenac was the main cause of the catastrophic decline of several species of vultures in South Asia, due to its extreme toxicity to this group of wild scavengers. We cannot risk this situation repeating again. Thus, we have developed a number of initiatives that seek the immediate ban of this product for veterinary use in Europe, as it has been done in Asia.
    I believe that FATRO should be proactive and take immediate action to keep European Vultures safe. I therefore ask to voluntarily withdraw the product from the market in the EU and support a global ban of the product for veterinary use. 
    I understand there are no alternatives to a full ban. For example, labelling is not an appropriate solution. Between the moment that diclofenac gets administered and the moment the animals are eaten by vultures there are too many factors that make it impossible to avoid vultures being exposed to the drug. This includes the impossibility to avoid free ranging animals treated with diclofenac from being reached by vultures when they die in the open field, the impossibility to identify treated animals in legal carrion dumping grounds, as well as the risk of illegal dumping.  In addition, the likelihood that neighbouring countries may purchase this drug is a major concern, especially in Africa where vulture declines are already severe. 
    There are safe alternatives to veterinary diclofenac. Meloxicam has proved to be safe for vultures and a range of other bird species. Meloxicam patent is over 10 years old, meaning it can be licensed to any pharmaceutical company at reduced costs.
    Please help us protect European vultures.
    Yours sincerely,
  • More Actions

    Sign John Gilbody's petition to ban veterinary diclofenac. Launched by a UK individual, this petition has been signed by over 15.000 EU citizens within 3 weeks. We support the initiative!


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