Europe and Central Asia

Action for threatened species in Europe

    Because species extinction is irreversible, it is in the core of conservation practice as one of the most obvious dimensions of biodiversity loss. BirdLife tries to prevent species extinction by lobbying for a wide range of legislation and implementation, species recovery plans, funding for action and the protection of sites and ecosystems.
    Species recovery plans

    The aim of recovery plans is to ensure that through international cooperation, coordinated action can be taken by multiple countries and stakeholders. In Europe and Central Asia, recovery plans are produced and adopted by the European Commission and international conventions (AEWA, CMS, Bern). Ideally, recovery plans should be known and used by all stakeholders whose actions may affect the status and conservation of the species or the habitat it uses. The translation and implementation of the international plans into national or regional plans and actions for conservation are a crucial aspect of a successful species recovery plan.

    BirdLife partners and the secretariat are involved in the scientific work for many of the threatened species as well as in the promotion and implementation of the plans. Read an overview of the species recovery plans adopted by the EC.
    Funding for action: Preventing Extinctions Programme

    In September 2008, BirdLife launched an ambitious programme to counteract the diverse array of threats to birds by delivering conservation actions – underpinned by science – where they are most needed. The programme is implemented globally by the BirdLife partnership, with some partners focused on implementing action; others more on fundraising.

    Two communities play a central part in the programme: BirdLife Species Guardians – experts who take the lead in conserving threatened species in their country; and BirdLife Species Champions – organisations or individuals who raise awareness of and fund the vital conservation that is so urgently required.

  • Species Champions

    In Europe and Central Asia, Partners and Species Champions are getting tangible conservation action going for several threatened seabirds, Azores Bullfinch and Sociable Lapwing:

    • Azores Bullfinch: habitat restoration and monitoring
    • Balearic Shearwater: monitoring of colonies and feeding areas
    • Sociable Lapwing: research and monitoring
    • Zino’s Petrel: breeding colony restored after fire and breeding success improved

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