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Event Planner/Coordinator – Ocean Week 2022

BirdLife Europe & Central Asia, ClientEarth, Oceana, Seas at Risk, Surfrider Foundation Europe and WWF (hereafter “the NGOs”) are looking for an experienced event planner/coordinator to carry out the following tasks in support of the Ocean Week 2022 high level event in Brussels.

Application deadline
Thursday, 04 November 2021 – 23:45


Terms of reference

The high level, 4-hours in-person event, will mark Ocean Week, a series of awareness-raising and/or policy events aimed at decision-makers and the general public on the threats faced by our ocean, organised by ‘blue’ NGOs active in Brussels and by their members or partner organisations in the European Union. Ocean Week 2022 will take place between the 8th of June (World Ocean Day) to the 15th of June 2022. It will be the 3rd edition. The high-level event will bring together decision-makers and relevant stakeholders in discussing what can be done at EU-level to protect and conserve the ocean and its ecosystems. Information about the 2021 edition can be found here: Please note however that the 2021 edition was held online due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The 2022 Ocean Week high-level event will take place in Brussels, at the BOZAR – Centre for Fine Arts, on the 13 of June 2022 in the afternoon/evening. It will start with a discussion/conference with policy-makers followed by a concert. (TBC)

Main tasks

1) Help shape the format of the high-level event and facilitate Blue NGOs agreement on it

2) Be the main contact person who liaises and coordinates with the venue at all times (BOZAR – Centre for Fine Arts)

3) Organise catering
a. Arrange the catering for the event. The costs will be invoiced by the caterers to BirdLife Europe and Central Asia directly.
b. Ensure the logistics around the selected catering business(es), and deal with any issues arising during the event.

4) Research, secure and coordinate an event moderator
a. Deliver a shortlist of 3-5 moderators who would be suitable for this event to the NGOs, including portfolios of their work and quotes for moderating the event.
b. Based on the decision by the NGOs, finalise the contract with the moderator, which is to be invoiced directly to BirdLife Europe and Central Asia.
c. Continue to liaise with the moderator over the course of the event’s development so the moderator has all required information and resources to prepare (e.g. key contacts for the venue, contact details of high-level speakers/panellists)

5) Research, secure and coordinate high-level and celebrity panellists
a. Deliver a shortlist of 4-7 experts, high-level figures and celebrities who would be suitable for this event’s panel(s) to the NGOs, including biographies and, where appropriate, examples of their work and/or previous public speaking engagements.
b. Based on the decision by the NGOs, coordinate with the NGOs about leading outreach to the individuals to secure their engagement in Ocean Week 2022 (e.g. in some instances, it may be more appropriate for the NGOs to reach out).
c. Continue to liaise with the individuals as appropriate and required over the course of the event’s development so they have all required information and resources to prepare (e.g. contact details of the event moderator).

6) Support coordination and logistics
a. Develop and implement a coordination mechanism between the six NGOs to ensure clear and timely communications, inclusive planning, collective ownership, and responsibility (e.g.: schedule and coordinate regular planning calls with the NGOs),
b. Coordinate and brief all stakeholders and service providers involved (e.g. venue staff, event moderator, speakers/contributors etc.)
c. Coordinate the general logistical arrangements and management of the joint high-level event as well as

  • Prepare the space, furniture and equipment required for the activities. Prepare and set-up the room according to the agenda and the needs to develop the different activities for the day.
  • Assistance with preparation of event materials (name tags/badges for all panellists, participants, and NGO staff, etc.) and have someone on site (likely a responsible person from the venue) who is reachable in case of technical problems. Ensure logistics around the catering (someone that provides the cups, glasses, food etc.).
  • Overview of technical aspects (sound and video system, possible distant/online participation of speakers and/or audience, translations, slides etc.)
  • Management of possible COVID measures, if still necessary
  • Ensure the smooth running of the day and overall moderation by communicating regularly with a moderator proposed by the NGOs, following the agenda and planning and stay in close touch with the NGOs.
  • Prioritise the most sustainable options, not only for the venue and the catering service, but also for the materials used during the event.
  • Other ad hoc tasks related to the smooth running of the event.

7) Plan the social media activity around and during the event, either developing the content yourself, or with the support of the communication staff of the NGOs

How to apply

Deadline: Proposals are to be submitted via email by 04 November 2021 – 23:59 CET to [email protected]

Proposals must include the following:

  • Examples of comparable past assignments.
  • Budget estimate for the service provided, in the template provided.

Selection criteria

  • Experience with similar assignments
  • Estimated total cost
  • Interview with person responsible for the work


  • Experience working with NGOs and/or European institutions/ in an institutional environment/ public affair.

Deadline for applications: 04 November 2021 – 23:59 CET

The budget available for the event coordination is between 12,000€ and 15,000€ VAT included

The contract will be awarded to the proposal considered most responsive to the project needs