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Call for Tender – Fundraising & Marketing

Application deadline
November 5th, 2021,
4:00 PM CET

Service Implementation period
From November 15, 2021 to September 15, 2022.
Tasks 5.1. and 5.2. to be delivered November 15, 2021 – May 31, 2022


1.1. Introduction to the organizations

BirdLife International is a global Partnership of autonomous, national non-governmental conservation organisations, with a large grassroots membership, in 120 countries and territories. BirdLife works together as a Partnership to conserve wild birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, by working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources. BirdLife is the global authority on the status of bird species, has unparalleled technical expertise in bird and biodiversity assessment, and provides a global outreach through its national Partners and decentralised Secretariat. BirdLife Europe and Central Asia is the regional division of BirdLife International, and is one of the six BirdLife regional offices around the world. It is composed of an international team of permanent staff working on conservation, capacity building, policy, management, finance, fundraising, advocacy, science, communication, marketing and administration. BirdLife Europe supports the European and Central Asia Partnership of BirdLife International, which consists of 48 independent, grassroots Civil Society Organisations, governed by a democratic programme.

EuroNatur is a charitable foundation, which was founded in 1987 by BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany), NABU (BirdLife Germany) and DUH (German Environmental Aid). It is based in Radolfzell, Germany, and is legally, organisationally and financially independent, autonomous and not affiliated to any political party. EuroNatur’s efforts for the protection of plants, animals and habitats are transboundary in nature; the foundation strengthens local conservation organizations and creates international networks between them. Together with its Europe-wide partner network, EuroNatur creates solutions that allow humans to live and work in harmony with nature.

1.2. Introduction to the Capacity Development Programme

BirdLife Partners have been conserving birds and nature for more than a century. Others are just a few years old, and may be the first national conservation NGOs ever established in their countries. Of these, some were founded by young conservationists and grew in institutional capacity, effectiveness and influence with the help of the BirdLife Partnership, while others evolved out of or in parallel with Birdife’s Country Programmes. Over half of BirdLife’s Partners are in developing countries. BirdLife’s capacity development efforts are directed towards strengthening existing national BirdLife organisations, and identifying and building candidate organisations for key countries currently unrepresented in the BirdLife Partnership. More information about the Capacity Building Programme is available here.

EuroNatur is collaborating with the secretariats of BirdLife International and BirdLife Europe and Central Asia and directly working with several of the national BirdLife partners. Some of the newer BirdLife partners especially in south-east Europe having long-standing cooperation with EuroNatur, which supported their accession to the BirdLife partnership. Other national partners of EuroNatur are not (yet) members of the BirdLife partnership. EuroNatur is interested to support the further development of all its partner organisations, including those that are not (yet) BirdLife partners.

1.3. Introduction to the Project

The consultancy is organized as part of following projects:

Sustaining Impacts: Strengthening the Organisational Development of BirdLife/MAVA Partners in the Mediterranean Basins, funded by MAVA Foundation. Project started in January 2021, and will last for 21 months. Activities are being implemented across the Mediterranean Basin and Coastal West Africa.

The capacity building, branded as ‘Hatch’ comprises a simplified, three-pronged approach emphasising Partner Development, Innovation and Leadership as three main strategies to ensure that BirdLife conservation organisations become secure, strong and influential and able to deliver sustained conservation impacts in the long-term.

Project aims to provide different levels of support, depending on the needs of individual Partners.  Specifically, project will:

  • Enable Partners to survive: maintain central core operations in the face of reduced income streams and adapt to increased organisational challenges associated with and/or exacerbated by the consequences of Covid-19;
  • Enable Partners to become stronger: increase Partners’ organisational stability to ensure effective recovery and resilience in a post-Covid future;
  • Enable Partners to grow: develop improved and innovative operational models, increase income streams to enable organisations to expand and achieve greater long-term conservation impacts, beyond 2022.
  • Enable Partners to support each other more effectively and enhance BirdLife’s ability (Partners and Secretariat) to expand support to all Partners and benefit wider civil society beyond 2022.


Stichting BirdLife Europe and EuroNatur are looking for a company to carry out training in non-profit marketing and fundraising from individuals and corporate activities for the following BirdLife/EuroNatur Partners: Biom  and CSBNP (both Croatia), BPSSS (Serbia), CZIP (Montenegro), Doğa Derneği (Turkey), MES (North Macedonia), HOS (Greece), SPEA (Portugal), BirdLife Malta (Malta), BirdLife Cyprus (Cyprus), DOPPS (Slovenia), AOS and PPNEA (both Albania), and LIPU (Italy). 

It is expected that participating organizations will, as a result of training have: a) deeper understanding of marketing of their organization, b) deep understanding of marketing for fundraising including fundraising from individuals and fundraising from commercial activities.

Training needs to function in the way that different subjects are interlinked. Further on, accent needs to be on the internal processes that are needed to support sustainable giving and fundraising.

Training will be organized online, in an English language using any of the suitable platforms. If the situation with the COVID pandemic allows, some sessions may be organized in person, as part of events and conferences that are already planned with the same organizations. Please note that this cost of in person training does not need to be included in the financial offer, and would be covered separately.

In coordination with the selected service provider, BirdLife and EuroNatur will ensure presentations of examples of good practice from their national partners and other relevant organizations, to support exchange, cooperation and peer to peer learning.

Besides training, service provider will ensure 2 days of mentoring per participating organization to support them in development of fundraising plan and marketing plan. The service provider is not responsible to have the documents prepared. The level of engagement will depend on the participation organizations.

All training sessions will be recorded and materials disseminated across BirdLife’s and EuroNatur’s partnerships, especially, but not exclusivelythrough: a) BirdLife International Fundraising Community of Practice, and b) BirdLife Europe and Central Asia Fundraising Working Group.


2.1. Training

2.1.1. Marketing Training Outline

Online Discovery Workshop: Getting to know each other

The Discovery Workshop aims to create a relaxed and stimulating environment and encourage collaboration between participants and trainers. The workshop is in the form of a guided and straightforward conversation and its purpose would be to introduce participants and trainers to each other and share and compare their organizations’ specific positions, knowledge, considerations, goals, and expectations in regard to marketing and fundraising in general, and the training in particular. 

  • Introduction of participants and trainers
  • Discussion on the partners’ organizations overview data from September questionnaire
  • Exchange of thoughts on marketing and fundraising: who has experience with the topics, what kind of experience, how do they rate their knowledge in the topics, the first thing that comes to their mind when they think about the topics, what particular marketing and fundraising issue/s their organization faces now, how do participants see marketing and fundraising contributing to their mission and accordingly what would be the biggest takeaway from the training. 

Online workshop: Let’s talk about [email protected] organizations (NPO)

The workshop is in a form of a facilitated discussion forum in which participants are encouraged to be reflective in their thinking about marketing and to raise awareness about nonprofit marketing. The focus is on comparison between how participants perceive marketing and what (nonprofit) marketing actually is.

Duration: 4 hours including breaks

Selection of topics to be included in the workshop

  • What is marketing and how do you perceive it?
  • How relevant do you find marketing practice at your NPO?
  • What is marketing at NPOs and what is different about it?
  • Why should your NPO use marketing and how?
  • What are the barriers in applying marketing in your NPO?

Online workshop: Opening the marketing toolbox

The focus of this workshop is on presenting key marketing concepts and tools. By getting to know the key concepts of marketing, participants get the opportunity to adopt a marketing orientation and way of thinking, and connect it with their organization.

Duration: 4 hours including breaks

Selection of topics to be included in the workshop

  • Market orientation
  • Exchange of values
  • Market segmentation and Target market
  • Differentiation and Positioning
  • Marketing strategy

Online workshop: What is the Marketing Mix in a nonprofit context?

In this workshop participants will be introduced to elements of the basic marketing model historically centered around 4Ps, also called the marketing mix. The model is considered within the context and culture of a nonprofit organization with regard to nonprofit products and services, case for support, funds, members, and donors.

Duration: 4 hours including breaks

Selection of topics to be included in the workshop

  • What can we consider a product in an NPO?
  • What product decisions need to be made?
  • What can we call price in an NPO?
  • How are feelings related to price?
  • What does place imply in the nonprofit context?
  • How do we think about promotion?
  • Is there more to think about with a 7Ps model?

Online workshop: Digital Marketing

In this workshop, participants will be presented with an overview of the basics of marketing in digital environment.

Duration: 4 hours including breaks

Selection of topics to be included in the workshop

  • What is digital marketing?
  • What can be a digital marketing asset?
  • What digital strategies are there?
  • How does digital marketing differ from generic marketing?
  • How to measure success in digital marketing?

Online workshop: Marketing plan 

In this workshop participants will reflect on the content of previous workshops and based on that develop a worksheet for creating an annual nonprofit marketing plan.

Duration: 4 hours including breaks

Selection of topics to be included in the workshop

  • Does a NPO need a marketing plan?
  • How is the marketing plan related to NPO’s strategic plan and fundraising plan?
  • Making a template for a NPO’s marketing plan

2.1.2.     Fundraising training outline

Online Workshop: Introduction to Giving and Private Sector Fundraising

The workshop format will be a combination of a presentation and break out groups to allow reflection and discussion. The focus will be on understanding giving (donor perspective) and fundraising as a part of the organizational strategy to achieve its mission (organizational perspective).

Selection of topics to be included in the workshop

  • Who gives?
  • Why do people give?
  • Why do companies give?
  • Why organizations fundraise?
  • How fundraising helps organizations advance their mission?
  • Fundraising: Transaction or a relationship?
  • What is needed for success in fundraising?

Duration: 4 hours with 20 min break

Online Workshop: Introduction to different fundraising streams (Individual giving, Corporate giving, High value individual giving, Events)

The workshop format will be a combination of a presentation and break out groups to allow reflection and discussion. The focus will be on understanding fundraising tools and channels of giving.

Selection of topics to be included in the workshop

  • How do organizations fundraise?
  • Individual giving – how does it work and what does success look like?
  • Corporate giving – what is it and how to do it?
  • High value individual giving/Major donors – how to approach them?
  • Fundraising Events – goals, lessons learned

Duration: 4 hours with 20 min break

Online Workshop: How to develop your first fundraising plan?

The workshop format will be a combination of a presentation and break out groups to allow reflection and discussion. The focus will be on understanding how to develop the (first) fundraising plan.

Selection of topics to be included in the workshop

  • How do you set your fundraising objectives?
  • What can be your key strategies?
  • Market segmentation – who are your potential individual and corporate donors?
  • Positioning strategy
  • Case for Support
  • Tactical Plan
  • Resources needed for the implementation of the plan (budget, HR)

Duration: 4 hours with 20 min break

Online Workshop: What internal processes are needed to support sustainable giving and fundraising?

The workshop format will be a combination of a presentation and break out groups to allow reflection and discussion. The focus will be on understanding what organizations need to set up internally for successful and sustainable income generation through fundraising.

Selection of topics to be included in the workshop

  • Donor recruitment process and planning
  • Donor relationship management and development
  • Development of a donor journey

Online Workshop: How to do a fundraising campaign?

The workshop format will be a combination of a presentation and break out groups to allow reflection and discussion. The focus will be on understanding how to plan and implement a fundraising campaign.

Selection of topics to be included in the workshop

  • Segmentation, profiling and targeting of prospective donors
  • Media selection and planning
  • Developing a brief for creative agency

Duration: 4 hours with 20 min break

2.2. Mentoring

2.2.1. Marketing mentoring

Providing each participating BirdLife/EuroNatur Partner with support in development of their marketing plan in the amount of 8 hours (preferably through 2-3 iterations).

2.2.2. Fundraising mentoring

Providing each participating BirdLife/EuroNatur Partner with support in development of their fundraising plan in the amount of 8 hours (preferably through 2-3 iterations).

2.3. Handbook

As a result of a training, the contractor will deliver a handbook that covers all elements / topics of the training, accompanied with the examples of good practice from BirdLife’s and EuroNatur’s Partnerships.

The Handbook will combine fundraising and non-profit marketing topics to guide the BirdLife/EuroNatur Partners in their dailywork of securing unrestricted funds. The handbook needs to be adjusted for online use.

The manual needs to be produced in easy language comprehensible to wider audience working in multiple backgrounds.

The responsibility of designing illustrations and printing of the manual would also be the service provider’s responsibility.


Prospective companies are invited to submit proposals before November 5, 2021, 4:00 PM CET. Proposals should be sent to [email protected] and include the following:

3.1. Qualifications of the Service Provider

Profile – describing the nature of business, field of expertise, years in business and other relevant information.

3.2. List of references

Track Record – Supporting documentation: list of clients for similar services as those required by BirdLife and EuroNatur in this ToR, indicating description of contract scope, contract duration, contract value and contact references in the last 5 years (maximum 15 references). The listed references have to be divided in areas of work related to this consultancy: i) projects related to training in fundraising and marketing and projects including online training ii) projects related to development of relevant documents, such as fundraising plan and marketing plan, c) development of written materials, such as handbook.

3.3.  Proposed Methodology for the Completion of Services

The Service Provider must submit a short technical proposal outlining the proposed approach to the study and including an indicative methodology. Please describe how you will address/deliver the demands of the service in line with the ToR; providing a detailed description of the essential performance characteristics, reporting conditions and quality assurance mechanisms that will be put in place, while demonstrating that the proposed methodology will be appropriate to the local conditions and context of the work. All the anticipated works have to be clearly displayed in the form of Work plan with detailed time schedule, milestones, deliverables and resources for each phase of the work. In the description of the work plan for each phase of the work the team of experts that will be included have to be clearly stated.

3.4.  Qualifications of Key Personnel

Curriculum Vitae (CV) of all the key experts which will be engaged in the project formatted in accordance with Europass CV template or equivalent. The CVs should contain all relevant data for evaluation.

Each of the key experts must have at least five (5) years of working experience in one of the below listed fields. The listed key experts have to cover all listed fields.

The engaged key experts must have relevant experience that cover following fields: (1) fundraising, and (2) marketing.

Please list experts with relevant experience stating their name and formal education for each of the above fields.

For each of the respective fields one or more experts can be listed.

One expert can cover more than one field if expert has relevant experience in different fields. Field of expertise needs to be clearly stated for each consultant.

Direct working experience with the institutions and organizations in conservation sector in the Europe will be considered as an advantage.

3.5. Financial Offer

The price for the tender must be quoted in Euros. Tenderers from countries outside the euro zone have to quote their prices in Euros. The price quoted may not be revised in line with exchange rate movements. It is for the tenderer to assume the risks or the benefits deriving from any variation.

The financial Offer has to be submitted using the following concept.

ItemDescriptionUnitUnit Price in EURNumber of unitsTotal price in EUR
Other costs     

Please add as many rows for sub activities as needed.

For any clarification or additional questions feel free to contact Marija Jurcevic at  [email protected]

Annex 1 – Evaluation criteria

Evaluation criteria

A combined Scoring Method will be used to evaluate proposals. The technical offer will receive a weighting of 70% against the financial component of 30%.

The operational and technical proposal will be evaluated on the basis of its responsiveness to this RFP and Term of Reference (TOR), as explained in the Table for awarding of Technical evaluation points (Annex 2).

The cumulative analysis will be introduced to evaluate the financial offer by introducing into the weighted evaluation of the price proposed and technical points obtained as per the following formula:

Sx = (Tx / Thighest) * (70%) + (Flowest / Fx) * (30%), where

Sx =    Total score for company x,

Tx =  Technical score for company x,

Thighest =  Highest technical score obtained among all responsive bids

Fx =  Financial Offer for company x (grand total for all LOT’s), and

Flowest =  The lowest financial offer (grand total for all LOT’s) of all evaluated bid prices among responsive bids.