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Call for tender

Consultant for building capacities of local conservation groups for collecting data on birds and biodiversity in Uzbekistan

Application deadline
1st of October 2023

UzSPB’s office in Uzbekistan, with some travel to Samarkand and Fergana Valley

Consultancy period
October 2023 –  February 2025

Up to 20,560 US$

Dorothée Guénéheux [email protected]


BirdLife International is recruiting a consultant to build the capacities of local conservation groups in Uzbekistan in coordination with its Affiliate, UzSPB. The consultant will play a vital role in strengthening existing capacities of local groups to collect data on birds and biodiversity, for BirdLife’s science products, such as the Red List of Birds and the Important Bird Areas (IBA) inventory.


BirdLife Europe and Central Asia is the European and Central Asian Division of BirdLife International, one of its six regional offices. BirdLife International is a global Partnership of autonomous, national non-governmental conservation organisations with a large grassroots membership, in 120 countries and territories.

BirdLife’s mission is to conserve wild birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, by working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources.

BirdLife has an international team of permanent staff covering conservation and science, policy and advocacy, capacity building, fundraising, communication, finance and administration supporting the 45 European and Central Asia Birdlife Partners.

In Uzbekistan, BirdLife is represented by its Affiliate, UzSPB. Local groups that will be supported by the consultant include branches and student clubs of UzSPB.


The consultant will first support Uzbek local conservation groups in membership recruitment, management, and retention. This will involve supporting activities organized for their members, maintaining a database and communications (website, social media) for both membership and supporter bases. The consultant will also support the elaboration of a strategy for the development of these groups, with a focus on the Samarkand and Fergana regions, which lie inside the Mountains of Central Asia biodiversity hotspot. The strategy will articulate what needs to be done to grow these local groups into self-sustaining entities capable of implementing conservation projects in collaboration with regional governments, working with local partners and communicating their activities and impact. The activities that are conducted with the membership are geared towards collecting data to monitor birds’ trends at key IBA/KBA sites that BirdLife and its Affiliate seek to protect.


– Support in membership recruitment, management, and retention, including organizing activities for members, maintaining a contacts database, and communicating with members and supporters through website and social media channels.

– Develop a strategy for the growth of local groups’ membership, including a growth plan and analysis of members’ benefits, and report on progress and income generated. This should include a budget for both membership and branches activities, outlining income and expenditures, and perspectives.

– Support already planned activities for local groups’ members in 2023 and 2024, and engage with members to ensure their participation and satisfaction.

– Elaborate a strategy for the development of local groups in Samarkand and Fergana, articulating clearly what needs to be done to grow them into sustainable entities, capable of implementing conservation projects and working with local partners and regional governments.

– Develop and manage a communications strategy, including website updates and social media engagement, to ensure that all activities and achievements are effectively communicated to members and supporters.

– Produce regular reports summarizing key activities done for members and local groups, traditional and social media engagement, with links to relevant stories and website updates.

– Provide monthly progress reports, timesheets and invoices to the project coordinator.


– Regular website updates and social media engagement to promote local conservation groups’ activities and achievements.

– By end of 2023, a report on membership activities for the entire duration of 2023, with a plan indicating the membership perspectives and activities for 2024 and a budget for both membership and branches activities, outlining income and expenditures.

– By end of 2024, a strategy for the development of local groups in Samarkand and Fergana, including clear goals and action items.

– By end of February 2025, a report on local groups’ membership growth, including a summary, data, growth plan, income generated, and analysis of activities and member benefits.

– Monthly report summarizing main activities towards members and regional branches, traditional and social media engagement, with links to relevant stories and website updates, timesheets, and invoices.


  • 2nd-3rd year student in a relevant field, such as communications (or environmental studies, and/or conservation). (Desirable) Honours degree in a relevant field.
  • Some experience in membership or volunteer recruitment and management, preferably in a non-profit or environmental organization.
  • Knowledge of and experience with database management and communication tools, such as website and social media platforms.
  • (Desirable) Experience developing and implementing strategies for organizational growth.
  • Good analytical and communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Advanced level in English, Russian and Uzbek.


  • Comfortable working with people from different backgrounds and cultures
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Familiarity with bird conservation or related fields (desirable)
  • Experience working in Uzbekistan or the Central Asian region (desirable)
  • Comfortable working with Microsoft Office and other relevant software.


Proposals should not go beyond a set total of 20,560 US$ (inclusive of local taxes).


Qualified candidates must submit their application in English to [email protected], including the following documents, by 17th September 2023 at midnight CET:

  • Financial Proposal (daily rate), not exceeding the maximum amount stated above.
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae of the applicant
  • Cover letter explaining the candidate’s aptitudes, experiences and interests in this consultancy. The cover letter should describe ideas and potential activities on how to grow the membership of conservation local groups in Uzbekistan.

The above-mentioned documents, information and requirements are mandatory. Incomplete or non-fitting proposals will be rejected. We will evaluate candidates against the financial proposal (30%) and their experience (70%).  We will inform only shortlisted bidders by e-mail as soon as possible after the submission date.