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Call for proposal – Production of a short documentary

Application deadline
Wednesday, 29 July 2022 – 23:45

40 000€ VAT included

Direct Partners: BirdLife Europe & Central Asia (BLECA), the North Sea Foundation (NSF), Natuur&Milieu (N&M), and the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI)

Sponsored by: VELUX Foundations


Finding available space in the sea is a task easier said than done. The EU’s seas are among the busiest in the world, with human activities such as shipping, fishing, resource extraction, offshore wind developments, and legal instruments for protection, namely marine protected areas competing in a limited space.

And this pressure is increasing due to both established uses and emerging uses, including offshore renewable energy development. These development plans can cause major impacts on marine ecosystems if not planned appropriately.

To mitigate this problem, we need to plan offshore renewable energy development collaboratively, from an early stage, across borders, with a long-term horizon and considering the carrying capacity of the entire marine ecosystem. In November 2020, the Offshore Coalition for Energy and Nature (OCEaN) was established. As of today, 26 organisations have joined OCEaN, including wind developers, suppliers, transmissions system operators (TSOs) and European environmental NGOs, active in the Northern Seas. OCEaN’s members committed to working together towards aligning the necessary development of offshore wind with nature protection and healthy marine ecosystems.

Since its foundation, OCEaN has started working on many important questions that arise at this intersection: from Marine Spatial Planning and infrastructure impact on ecology to stakeholder engagement, good practice exchange and data transparency for better planning. 

This documentary will be produced in the framework of the project “Planning offshore wind energy and securing future marine ecosystems in the Northern Seas” funded by the VELUX Foundations. The project partners are all members of OCEaN and the activities will contribute to OCEaN’s objectives by building the capacity of NGOs to engage on the topic of offshore wind development and nature, developing guidelines and compiling good practices for monitoring and mitigating ecological impacts and for improving ecological design of windfarms, and advocating for the uptake of the results by policy makers, industry and other stakeholders.

Scope, production information and deliverables

In the framework of this project, we announce a call for proposals for the production of a short documentary on the topic of offshore wind, marine spatial planning, and nature to be used as a communication and advocacy output on a regional and international level.

The main objective of the film is to showcase the beauty of the ocean, its wildlife below and above the ocean’s surface, and the interactions with human activities. It also aims to familiarise the audience with the paramount importance of good planning to avoid the impact that offshore wind can have on nature at sea. While the main focus will be on offshore wind developments, we do want to highlight other human activities putting pressure on marine ecosystems, such as mining and damaging fishing practices. The documentary will also present some of the solutions like good marine spatial planning, bycatch mitigation, etc. The geographical focus will be the North Sea and margins of the Baltic Sea.

  • Primary audience: “general public” with an interest in marine biodiversity/ocean, but low knowledge of offshore wind and its impact on nature at sea 
  • Secondary audience: National and European decision-makers

Key message(s):

  • Show the beauty of the ocean, its wildlife, and the interactions with human activities
  • Show how space can be shared in the marine environment – both below and above the ocean’s surface – to reduce impacts on nature
  • Showcase innovative solutions which consider the limits of the ocean, our needs for clean energy, and nature preservation and restoration

Keywords: North Sea, marine environment, biodiversity, offshore wind, human activities, spatial planning, nature at sea,

Production: The services undertaken by the production company should cover all aspects and costs of the pre-production, production, and post-production of the film


  • Concept, script, production and promotion ( BirdLife and other direct partners can help draft the script and provide relevant information when needed).
  • One short documentary, around 30 minutes (festival version – DCP, online version). 
  • One trailer (2min max) to promote the short film on social media
  • 5 still images from the film for use on social media, print and other communication activities
  • One poster

All deliverables should include the logo of the project, the logo of the donor (VELUX), the logo of the EU and LIFE Programme and the logos of all direct partners. All partners and the donor, including the EU and LIFE Programme, should also be mentioned in the titles and all outputs related to the film (trailer, poster, press releases, online publications, etc.).

Kindly include 2 review rounds for each output.


Promotion and Distribution: The production company should be released and promoted the documentary successfully in film festivals and other exposure opportunities, such as cultural festivals and events, starting October 2023 (the timeline can be negotiated) and at least until September 2024.

The film may continue to be promoted after the completion of the project, in alignment with VELUX Foundations project partners. The film should become available online before the end of the project: 2024.

Usage rights of deliverables: Worldwide, unlimited, exclusive, in perpetuity, all channels, commercial and non-commercial rights for the project partners and donors as listed above.

Budget: 40 000€ VAT included

Production companies interested to take part in the call for proposals should submit the following:

  1. Confirmation of interest: Please send an email confirming your interest to participate in the call for proposals to [email protected] until 17/06/2022.
  2. Submission of proposals: Kindly submit your proposal in English by July 29, 2022, via email to [email protected]. Proposals received after this date will not be considered.

Proposals should include

  • A motivation letter stating why the company is fit to successfully produce the film.
  • Profile of the company
  • List of related works (please provide links)
  • Awards, references and other credentials you consider important.
  • Technical proposal including concept, methodology, budget analysis and time frame for the production and promotion of the film.