Will she make it home safely this year?

Help us to protect America's migratory birds on their epic journey across continents.  

Friends Across the Flyway
Migratory birds in the americas need your help.

This spring, America͛s migratory birds will put their lives in danger to start a family. They͛ll travel the length of the Americas, South to North, in a bid to reach their breeding grounds. But sadly, many will die needlessly along the way

Exhaustion. Starvation. Persecution. Our birds face so many risks. But many of these deaths can be prevented.

Up and down the Americas, vital habitats are being destroyed senselessly, leaving them with nowhere to rest and refuel. BirdLife can give them the cross-continental protection they need. Donate now to help us save them.


Saving migratory species requires a joined-up approach to conservation. BirdLife Partners are working to ensure the epic road trip undertaken by America’s shorebirds is less treacherous. Read their stories to find the project you’d like to support, or simply make a donation to support conservation of the entire flyway. Your donation will help the mission to save the lives of the millions of birds facing danger in the Americas.