Nature dodges a bullet: EU citizens save nature laws!

On December 7th, the European Commission decided to act to save our nature laws by declaring them “fit for purpose”. They decided to preserve them and put them into action. This is a HUGE victory for nature! HURRAY!
To celebrate and show our appreciation, let’s show the key Commissioners that we are very happy and thankful, but that we are all still on high ‘Nature Alert’. Let’s tell them that we are grateful for not tampering and weakening the nature laws, but let’s stress that we expect them to better fund and better implement the nature laws. So join us and tell them NOW!
Click one of the buttons below to send these three key European Commissioners a message to thank them and show your support for Nature. Karmenu Vella is the European Commissioner for the Environment, Frans Timmermans is the First Vice-President of the European Commission and Jean-Claude Juncker is the President of the European Commission.

If you prefer to show your support on Facebook, simply LIKE and SHARE the post below to show your support and gratitude!
To tag key Commissioners in the comments and get their attention, type @ followed by the name of the person you want to tag. A list of people will appear and you will be able to choose who you want to tag. We recommend that you tag the following accounts: @Karmenu Vella, @Frans Timmermans, @Jean-Claude Juncker and @European Commission.

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If you prefer emailing key commissioners, you can email Karmenu Vella at, Frans Timmermans at, and Jean-Claude Juncker at You can simply click on their email addresses and a new window will open.

There has been unprecedented support for the Nature Directives from people all across Europe: business, members of the European Parliament, environment ministers and 500,000 (yes, HALF A MILLION!) European citizens who all wanted these laws to be saved and better implemented. Here’s what they are saying on Twitter now:

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