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Bird Fair Supports White Shouldered Ibis

With a modest grant from the Bird Fair organized by the BirdLife International, the conservation activities of the White Shouldered Ibis in Western Siem Pang such as the habitat monitoring, nest protection, education and awareness-raising, are supported. 

Bird Tour

Small scaled bird watching trips in the BirdLife Cambodia Program sites such as Western Siem Pang are being organised once or twice a year, to help to raise funds.

These funds are used in

  • Sponsoring the research (conducted by the university students) that contributes to the conservation of all BirdLife priority sites in Cambodia.
  • Providing incentives to the law enforcement team who helps to crack down illegal logging and wildlife trade.
  • Supporting the local conservation groups (LCG) in doing nest and habitat monitoring and most importantly, the LCG who encountered emergency/ accident in the field.

Ashden Trust ( Forest of Hope Project)

With a donation from Ashden Trust through BirdLife Asia, this project embraces objectives of:

  • Advancing the process designate Western Siem Pang as a protected forest.
  • Strengthening the management team in Western Siem Pang.

Conservation Leadership Project (CLP)

The main purpose of this project is to provide support of an internship, to work with BirdLife Cambodia to conserve White Shouldered Ibis in Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary.

MA-Climate Change

Funded by the MacArthur Foundation, the project “Cambodia Dry Forest Vulnerability and Adaptation Project (CAMFVAP) “, embraces the following objectives:

  • To publish an assessment of the vulnerability of Western Siem Pang and the dry forest landscape to climate change.
  • To identify and test appropriate management adaptation measures.
  • To develop and test an adaptation monitoring framework.
  • To develop a strategic vision and feasibility study for a long-term biodiversity conservation programme that responds to expected climate change impacts for Western Siem Pang.
  • To inform the national policy debate of the value of the dry forest ecosystem in climate change adaptation planning.

MacArthur- Western Siem Pang

Funded by MacArthur Foundation, the project works towards a vision for biodiversity conservation in the dry forests of Cambodia. The objectives are:

  • To develop and seek endorsement from key stakeholders for the strategic vision and feasibility study for a Forest of Hope at Western Siem Pang.
  • To improve the conservation status of biodiversity in Western Siem Pang.
  • To secure sustainable financing for implementation of the feasibility study.
  • To increase awareness of the value of Western Siem Pang.


Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

The project- Cambodia Forest Restoration and Management- CAMFORM, is funded by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. The project objectives are:

  • To designate Western Siem Pang as a Protected Forest.
  • To develop and advocate a strategic vision and a feasibility study for the Protected Forest.
  • To empower BirdLife and the Forestry Administration to manage the site, now and in the future.


Royal Society of Protection of Birds (RSPB) Vulture

Funded by RSPB, the project “Conserve Critically Endangered Vulture species in Western Siem Pang and Lomphat”, embraces the objectives of

  • Providing  safe food to Critically Endangered Vulture species
  • Monitoring the use of diclofenac


Wildfowl Wetland Trust

To support the two sarus crane reserves in lower Mekong Delta.