13 Sep 2010

Harapan Rainforest through the lens

By Harapan Rainforest
A film crew recently visited Harapan Rainforest to make a film. I was lucky to join them to learn about making the exciting conservation films we see on television or the internet. We spent the first few days with the Bathin Sembilan indigenous community; filming their daily lives and seeing how important the forest is for them. They enjoyed the chance to showcase their traditional livelihood! We followed the forest restoration process from start to finish: collecting seeds and growing them in the nursery; monitoring growth and finally planting out seedlings. The research team showed how they record animal signs, and use camera traps. We also watched a large hornbill nest box being placed 20m up in the canopy. It was amazing to see how much work goes into making such a short film. The crew was filming from morning to night for nearly two weeks, all for a 15-minute film! I’m looking forward to seeing the final product! by Samsul Rizal Image credit: Marco Lambertini