30 Mar 2010

Four Rivers Project in Korea

By Nick Askew
Birds Korea has completed and published a preliminary report on the anticipated impacts of the Four Rivers Project on waterbirds. At present the Four Rivers Project entails, by 2012, the 'refurbishment' of the nation's four largest rivers (by area of river basin): the Han, the Nakdong, the Geum and the Yeongsan. The project includes the construction of 16 new dams on the main streams of the four rivers and five new dams on their tributaries; the reconstruction of two estuarine barrages; the enlargement of 87 existing irrigation dams; the strengthening of 377 km of river bank; and the dredging of 570 million cubic metres of sand and gravel from a total 691 km of the rivers (most along the Nakdong), with the aim to keep the water 4-6 m deep throughout the year. In addition, bank strengthening, dredging or other refurbishment is also simultaneously proposed for an additional 2,327 km out of 5,778 km of the four rivers' tributaries. To read the report click here.