6 Aug 2010

‘We can hear the voice of the earth’ – Japan's touring photo exhibition

By Rory Mccann
A new photo exhibition, organised by BirdLife International's Asia Programme, with the theme ‘We can hear the voice of the earth’, is currently being held in Japan. This BirdLife exhibition will visit six major shrines across the country, finishing up in Nagoya in October, to coincide with the 2010 Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity. The exhibition features a wide array of subject matters, from the spectacular wildlife of rainforests, oceans and polar-regions, to the widespread and fierce destruction of these ecosystems. The exhibition began its journey on May 1st at Kotohira Shrine in Shinkoku. On May 22nd, The International Day for Biological Diversity, a memorial lecture meeting was held at the exhibition hall. In attendance at the meeting, with her own photos in the exhibition, was HIH Princess Takamado, Honorary President of BirdLife International. It is hoped that the exhibition, by being held in the shrines and with its global theme, will attract visitors from around the world. Dr. Keiko Suzue, Head of Program Development, BirdLife Asia, had this to say: ‘We organised the exhibitions in the shrines because we believe that the forests in the grounds of a shrine represent the best sites to show the rich biodiversity of Japan. We want this exhibition to show that the earth is home to all living things, not just humankind. It should be an opportunity for visitors to gain a greater appreciation of biodiversity and a desire to cherish it and protect it, to the benefit of everyone’. The exhibition is now halfway through its tour of Japan, and has already been a resounding success.