Chile - Comité Nacional Pro Defensa de la Flora y Fauna (CODEFF)

BirdLife Affiliate

Founded in 1968
Members: 150
Staff: 15
Ernesto Reyes 035, Providencia Santiago, CL


Mission of the organisation

To be a non-government, national and community driven organisation that conserves the environment and promotes sustainable development.

Key Activities

  • Rehabilitation of Choroy Parrot Enicognathus leptorhynchus.
  • Protection of the saltwater and fresh water wetlands in Chepu: terrestrial and river paths.
  • Workshops strengthening the capacity to fight against desertification.
  • Protection of fauna in the metropolitan area. 
  • Circulation of environmental educational activities.
  • Glass Recycling Campaign CODEFF Recicla por la Naturaleza (CODEFF Recycles for Nature)
  • Protection and preservation of Natural Patrimonies within the Metropolitan region.
  • Climate Change Campaign
  • Preservation Campaign La Campana National Park, region 5.
  • Tumbes Talcachuano Park.  Educational activities, diffusion and rehabilitation of wild fauna, especially sea birds.
  • Huemul Hippocamelus bisulcus Conservation Project
  • Community campaign for the protection and identification of wetlands in the Concepcion region.
  • Conservation of endangered Coastal species.  Concepcion.
  • Evaluation of Black-necked Swans Cygnus melanocorypha and associated species in the 8th region.
  • Huillin Lontra provocax Conservation Project and management of the basin for the connectivity and conservation of temperate rainforest in the Andean-Pacific Biological Corridor.
  • Patagonia Without Oppression Campaign, 11th region.