Canada - Birds Canada

BirdLife Partner

Founded in 1960
Members: 7500
Staff: 44
115 Front St, P.O. Box 160, Port Rowan, Ontario, N0E 1M0, Canada

Mailing address headquarters:

P.O. Box 160
115 Front St.
Port Rowan, Ontario
N0E 1M0 

Mission of the organisation

To advance the understanding, appreciation and conservation of wild birds and their habitats, in Canada and elsewhere, through studies that engage the skills, enthusiasm and support of its members, volunteers, staff and the interested public.

Key Activities

  • Monitoring bird populations through a variety of volunteer-based national and regional Citizen Science programs
  • Providing leadership on Breeding Bird Atlas projects in Canada
  • Conducting and directing research on issues of conservation interest
  • Leading conservation and stewardship projects, especially for species at risk
  • Performing data management and interpretation, including Canada’s Important Bird Areas
  • Coordinating the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network
  • Providing training in monitoring techniques, especially for bird banding
  • Education, outreach and communication initiatives