Belize Audubon Society (BAS)

BirdLife Partner

Founded in 1969
Members: 200
Staff: 42
PO Box 1001, 12 Fort Street, Belize City, BZ

Mission of the organisation

Belize Audubon Society's mission is to promote the sustainable use and preservation of natural resources through leadership and strategic partnerships in order to maintain a balance between people and the environment. This is similar to BirdLife's mission and BAS is, therefore, committed to the mission and strategy of BirdLife.

Key Activities

  • Scientific research
  • Data collection & analysis
  • Belizean park management and protection
  • Lobbying & advocacy
  • Land management of 8 reserves with over 61,000 hectares
  • Management and protection of seven terrestrial protected areas and two marine protected areas
  • Advocating for protection of birds and their habitats within identified IBAs
  • Environmental conservation, environmental advocacy
  • Oversees policy making processes critical to protected areas and the protection of ecosystems, plant life, animals, and marine life within those areas.
  • Advocacy programs to create strong conservation ethics in Belizeans
  • Provides stakeholder communities with community development initiatives, alternative livelihoods, community empowerment and voice.
  • Public relations and education activities Education for Sustainability programme
  • Public awareness and education activities at youth camps in the Protected Areas
  • Cleaning campaigns
  • Urban bird watching 
  • Monthly presentations on current environmental issues
  • Internships at its Protected Areas
  • BAS’s annual spring and Christmas bird counts help to identify and monitor threatened bird species.