25 Sep 2013

Video: Green Beef - towards grassland beef certification by the Southern Cone Grasslands Alliance

By Shaun Hurrell

The Southern Cone Grasslands Alliance is an initiative of BirdLife and its Partners (Aves Argentinas, SAVE Brasil, Guyra Paraguay and Aves Uruguay) for the conservation of the biodiversity rich grassland ecosystems of the Southern Cone of South-America. One of the most significant developments of the Alliance is the Grassland Beef Certification initiative. The idea is to add value to the beef that is produced on native grasslands through good management practices which enhance the provision of habitat to a wide diversity of wild plants and animals, many of which are of importance for global conservation.

The first step is to encourage consumer demand for meat that comes from farm systems that are environment and biodiversity friendly. A further step will be to obtain a premium price for the product. This short video introduces the Grassland Beef Certification initiative...


Produced as part of a 'Natural Livelihoods' series from BirdLife International's Local Empowerment Programme. Video was launched at the Natural Livelihoods workshop of the BirdLife World Congress in Ottawa, June 2013.

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