20 Jun 2013

Swarovski Optik supports new conservation initiative for threatened Canada Warbler

Swarovski Optik’s Head of Marketing, Dale Forbes (right) receiving recognition as BirdLife Species Champion for Canada Warbler from Canadian Environment Minister Peter Kent
By Jim Lawrence

Together with the support of Swarovski Optik, international conservation organisations are undertaking a new joint initiative to save the threatened Canada Warbler and related migratory boreal forest species.

The initiative was announced last night at the opening ceremony of the BirdLife International World Congress, which brought together more than 600 delegates from 120 countries and is being held at the Ottawa Convention Centre this week. Notable attendees at the ceremony included HIH Princess Takamado, Canadian Environment Minister Peter Kent, and celebrated Canadian authors Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson. The Congress is being co-hosted by BirdLife’s Canadian co-Partners Bird Studies Canada and Nature Canada.

Canada Warblers breed in Northern Canada and migrate south each fall on a broad front through North America, Central America and the Caribbean before ending their long journeys in Northern South America. They are one of several migratory species that have seen significant population declines in the last 40 years.

“We are bringing experts together from countries throughout the Americas to find a lasting conservation solution” said George Finney, President of Bird Studies Canada. “Now is the time for action,” emphasized Ian Davidson, Executive Director of Nature Canada.

The new initiative to save Canada Warbler from further decline is supported by leading global optical company Swarovski Optik, who were recognized for becoming the first BirdLife Species Champion for it during the proceedings.

“We are delighted to catalyse this important project through our sponsorship and hope to raise awareness for this and other threatened birds throughout the Americas,” said Swarovski Optik’s Head of Marketing, Dale Forbes. “We believe in helping as many people as possible to experience the true beauty of nature in close up and I can’t think of a better flagship for that than the stunningly beautiful Canada Warbler.”

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The multiple reasons why Canada Warbler and its congeners are declining are not yet clear, so conservationists from countries throughout the species’ migratory range are meeting this week to share knowledge, develop a prioritised plan of action and commence recovery action.