31 Aug 2010

Problems in Paraguay

By Guyra.Paraguay
Ten years ago, the Kuetuwy Aché community was established in the property 'Finca 470', under the understanding and commitment from the Paraguayan government that the property would be legally titled to the Aché people. Now however, the government plans to divide-up the property, and the Aché will lose part of their ancestral homeland, where recent ancestors are buried and their descendents live to this day. If it were not for the Aché, this last remaining block of forest within the buffer zone of the Mbaracayú Biosphere Reserve would already have been lost. The Aché urgently require the support of the national and international community to avoid this injustice from taking place. The Paraguayan Minister of the Environment, Oscar Rivas, the Paraguayan Congress, and the President of the Republic of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, all need to be informed of this injustice to the Aché people, and to the investments made by Guyra Paraguay and other organisations. Finca 470 is part of an Important Bird Area (IBA) and is a globally recognised site of importance for biodiversity conservation. Visit and watch the videos to find out more