8 Jan 2014

Local Perspectives video now in Spanish

By Martin Fowlie

All around the world, there are dedicated local people who want to conserve the nature that they depend on for survival and well-being.

Their hands get dirty planting trees; their eyes light up when they talk about nature in their communities; and they provide the local knowledge that gives insight to global decisions. And some are real characters too... So we set out to capture on film these local conservationists from within the BirdLife Partnership in our video, entitled “Local Perspectives: action for nature and people.

This video has now been given subtitles in Spanish so it can reach an even greater audience.

In the video, local conservationists from Fiji, Kenya, Iraq, Uganda, Canada, Kazakhstan, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, the Philippines and Lebanon tell us what nature means to them, show us the work they are doing on the ground, and share their views on working as part of a global Partnership. They also took the opportunity to send personal messages to the world in this video, which was premiered in front of 500 people at the BirdLife World Congress in Ottawa in June 2013.

BirdLife's Local Empowerment Programme is supporting these Local Conservation Groups, Caretakers of Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas and conservation volunteers who care for nature at the local level. BirdLife has developed the largest global network of local conservationists: over 7000 Local Conservation Groups proudly monitor and conserve “their” IBAs.

BirdLife’s Local Empowerment Programme focuses on the individuals and organisations that work with BirdLife Partners to deliver conservation, for biodiversity and for people, at the local level.

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BirdLife Partners are supporting these groups with the management, monitoring, development and defence of ‘their’ local IBAs, providing an approach that is rooted in local distinctiveness, enabling traditional approaches and diversity to shape responses that are very unlikely to be achieved through externally managed interventions.