22 Jun 2013

A future for the Hooded Grebe

By Martin Fowlie

The Argentinian Government has announced plans for a National Park in Patagonia, helping to safeguard a future for the Critically Endangered Hooded Grebe. The park will encompass 60,000 ha and covers the grebes’ main breeding lakes as well as other critical habitat that is home to many endemic species. “We believe the creation of the Patagonia National Park will greatly help our Hooded Grebe – a final chance for the protection of this species. A species that Argentinians and especially Patagonians have come to love”, said Enrique Meyer, National Minister of Tourism for Argentina in a video address to the BirdLife World Congress in Ottawa, Canada.

An adult Hooded Grebe on its  floating nest - © S Imberti


Discovered only as recently as 1974, the grebes’ population has declined by 40% in the last seven years as a result of  predation from introduced American Mink and Kelp Gulls. It was uplisted by BirdLife to Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List in 2012.

Video message from Argetina's National Minister for Tourism:

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“This announcement is the result of the great joint work between NGOs, local communities, National Park Services and local authorities”, said Hernan Casañas who is leading the conservation work for the BirdLife Species Champion and Partner, Aves Argentinas. “Working with Ambiente Sur and Flora y Fauna Argentina we are putting in place the conservation measures to combat the threats the birds face.”

The BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme.