25 Nov 2010

BirdLife’s key asks of Parties at UNFCCC COP 16

By Nick Askew
This is an extract from the BirdLife Policy Brief for UNFCCC  COP-16, Cancún – 'BirdLife’s key asks of Parties at COP 16' Planned climate change adaptation may be achieved in many different ways. It is vital that the close links between climate change, people, poverty reduction, biodiversity and ecosystems are realised and integrated, using approaches with mutually supportive outcomes. Failing to undertake socially- and environmentally-sound adaptation could undermine actions in all these areas – and negatively impact the poorest people and biodiversity. Ecosystems underpin life on earth and all other sectors (e.g. water, forestry, agriculture, health, etc.) therefore an integrated approach to adaptation whereby natural systems, and their role in adaptation and resilience, should be considered and integrated into any adaptation strategy, plan or framework. BirdLife’s key asks of Parties at COP 16